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Equipment: Lab Waste Disposer
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Post Time: 2011-07-11
Main Features: 1. Interior structure adopts aviation high-temperature material to avoid the spare parts appearance aging caused by high temperature during the sterilization. Exterior is made of fully stainless steel, easy to clean and sterilize. 2 There is the high efficient active carbon filter equipped at the exhaust vent of the cooling pipe, which can prevent the leakage of aerosol and particular smell. 3 Adopts interlocking control to avoid the door random opened before the sterilization is finished, also to prevent the diffusion of aerosol and germs. 4 It has inner high effecient thermic insulant to assure the surface temperature is no more than 45℃ during sterilization and heating process and avoid human hurt caused by wrong operation. 5 The little volume waste-liquid is collected in a specified bottle to assure the safety of environment and personal. 6 During sterilizing, microcontroller controls the temperature and time to assure the sterilization effects.
Description: Lab Waste Disposer is a dry sterilizing .Lab Waste Disposerwith biosafety guarding function. The system is used for disposing the on-site solid wastes caused by a little high-risk infectious or pathologic inspection in hospitals or labs, including various infectious medical wastes, especially including the excision body of human and animals; microbiologic incubation, PCR experiment wastes; needle and syringe of injection, etc. The wastes can be treated as the common wastes after disposed by this system.
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