BIOBASE Biodustry (Shandong) Co.,Ltd.
About Us
BIOBASE Biodustry (Shandong) Co. is the professional company devoted to air-purifying and diagnostics field. The company consists of the equipment subsidiary (Jinan Biobase Biotech, specializing in manufacturing laminar airflow cabinets, cold chain products, incubators, and analyzers, etc., the so-called Lab equipments, possessing the largest laminar airflow production facility in the world, occupying 30,000aquare meters,.), purifying engineering subsidiary ( dedicated to constructing and designing all manner of clean rooms or Labs), Shandong Biobase Biotech ( a professional manufacturer of diagnostic reagent), Shandong Biobase electrics Co (dedicated to processing plate metal and manufacture electrical cabinets), and our own Industrial Park (occupying 38 acres). All in all, our company and products have been awarded high prestige and compliments in both domestic and some oversea market places. Jinan BIOBASE Biotech Co., Ltd., one subsidiary of BIOBASE established in 1996, specializes in manufacturing biological safety cabinet, fume hood, laminar airflow cabinets and accounts for the major part of domestic market. Now BIOBASE has launched the large production base of biological safety cabinet domestically (Jinan, China), the area occupies 20,000 square meters; the output per year is to amount to 50,000. So, it can supply a multiplicity of special demands and specifications concerning biological safety cabinet, clean bench, and relevant biological safety protection articles. The base adopts high-tech and state –of –the-art equipments from Italy, Japan, and Switzerland, etc. Meanwhile, we are starting off to promote another line of products with rosy prospect of market and large margin of profit. They are cold-chain products, including Exhibition Refrigerator (formerly called blood bank Refrigerator, applied to store and keep reagent, blood, together with vaccine, categorized according to the number of front doors ranging from 1 to 8), -86℃ Hyper-deep Freezer, and -20℃ Deep Freezer (mainly custom-built), Freezing Storehouse, Portable Freezing Box, etc. Among our new ones, there is a special product named Biosafety Incubator (equipped with active carbon and HEPA filters, employed to incubate micrograms and other conventional samples, the other model is shaking incubator with Temp range from -20℃to 80℃, capacity of 250-300L, 2 kinds of shaking Reciprocal and Orbital). The last but not least, we have devised and started manufacturing our own Biochemistry Analyzer (automatic, discrete analysis, applicable to open-ended reagent), with 6 models, test speed ranging from 200tests/time to 400 tests/time. In the meanwhile, our Auto hematology analyzer ( ≥80 tests per hour) has been promoting worldwide. As for research and development capabilities, we bow to no other producers and invariably surpass them. So,we are capable of custom-building according to customers’ requirement related to relevant products.
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